Kickass Scheduling

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Appointment Management

Reserve time for existing clients

Make sure existing clients keep coming back by reserving availabilities just for them. Easily distinguish between new and existing clients in your work schedule.

See more than one client at a time

You can offer overlapping appointments at time intervals of your choice. The system will take into consideration your room availabilities and avoid all scheduling conflicts.

Avoid Last Minute Cancellations

Set up online cancellations rules to match your cancellation policy. For example, you can require your clients to call to cancel within 24 hours of the appointment.

Appointment Availabilities

Avoid Looking Empty

During slow periods, offer enough appointments to satisfy demand without displaying all your available time slots. By showing less availabilities, clients are more likely to book on the spot.

Clustered Booking

Avoid holes in your schedule by regrouping appointments together. Our system will offer availabilities next to existings appointments in order to avoid holes and optimize your time. This is very useful for professionals that offer short appointments.

Multiple Location Management

Do you have offices in different locations? Team members can easily manage time slots according to location. If you are amongst the globe-trotters that offer services in different time zones, we've got you covered too!

Room and Equipment Management

No longer worry about room availability when proposing appointments to clients. Managing five massage therapists and only three massage rooms will inevitably end with a massive headache. Let GOrendezvous take care of it! We also handle shared equipment to ensure that there is no clash for resources.

Team Management

As the administrator of the account, you can assign varying permissions to every individual in your team to set what they are able to access and view. Every team member can connect using their own unique login and they are able to access their schedule from anywhere.

Google Calendar Integration

Synchronize your GOrendezvous calendar with your Google Calendar so that your appointments will be posted on both platforms and updates will be done simultaneously. You can even use your Google Calendar to serve as a bridge between your other calendars like Outlook, iCal, etc...

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I lose my internet connection?

It doesn’t happen often with a good internet provider but rest assured that you can always access your schedule on your smartphone if you have a data plan. Also, if you connected your Google Calendar, you always have access to your appointments in your calendar.

Can I repeat an appointment?

Yes. We help you to easily repeat an appointment in just a couple of clicks. You can choose the days of the week when the appointment will repeat as well as the frequency and the duration of the recurrence.