Say goodbye to no-shows and revenue loss thanks to our automated reminders.

SMS Reminders

Spend your time with the clients that are in front of you and let us assure you that those of tomorrow will be present.

Did you know that 90% of text messages are read during the first three minutes that they are received and 99% are eventually read.

Email Reminders

Another fast and convenient way your clients can confirm their attendance. It takes just one click!

Before, I had a no-show once a week. Since using GOrendezvous, I only have one a month. I reduced the number of missed appointments by 75%!

Martin Lamarche - Clinique d'ostéopathie Martin Lamarche

Confirmed Appointments

At a glance, you will know if a client has confirmed their attendance.

Customize Your Emails

Personalize your emails and add any information that you would like to transmit to your clients before their appointments. You can even specify certain information depending on business, professional or specific service!


Not only is our platform bilingual, but all communications are sent according to the client’s preferred language, in either English or French.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a notification and a reminder?

Once an appointment is added to the calendar, whether it is made online or added by yourself, we send a notification to the client.

The email notification provides the client with a reminder of the date and time of their appointment as well as the opportunity to add the appointment to their personal calendar in just one click. In the same regard, if you reschedule or cancel an appointment, the client will receive an email notification informing them of the change.

Shortly before an appointment, an SMS and/or email reminder is sent to the client and they can confirm their attendance by one or the other method of communication.

Can I avoid sending reminders to certain clients?

Yes. We offer a lot of options for you. You can deactivate email and/or SMS reminders for specific services and you can also deactivate reminders by client.

If my client does not confirm their appointment, is their appointment cancelled?

No, we do not cancel an appointment if a client does not confirm. However, on your calendar, the appointment will not be marked as confirmed and you can follow-up as you see fit.

Can I choose how much time in advance I would like to send reminders?

Yes, you can choose to send reminders between one to five days before an appointment. You can even choose to not send reminders on weekends.