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Treat two patients at the same time

A view of an acupuncturist's GOrendezvous schedule on different devices

See two clients at the same time

  • This allows you to place the needles and see another client, in the meantime, all automatically managed by GOrendezvous.
A GOrendezvous schedule showing two overlapping client appointments
The empty charting file of an acupuncturist using GOrendezvous on an ipad

Charting with your choice of images

  • Acupuncturists use different techniques that require custom images. Customize your chart templates with your own images and annotate them to indicate the placement of your needles.

Manage your group classes

  • It is common for acupuncturists to offer Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Yoga sessions. Whether it’s face-to-face or virtual, participants can register and pay online, allowing you to manage all your professional activities on GOrendezvous.
The upcoming classes for an acupuncturist shown on GOrendezvous' online booking
An acupuncturist' waiver included in the GOrendezvous notification email


  • Ask your clients to answer your custom waivers when scheduling appointments online or via automated email.

What Professionals Think of GOrendezvous

Five yellow stars in a row

Very positive experience with the program along with excellent customer service. The beauty of it all for me is that I am able to create my own templates. Highly recommended! Thank you GOrendezvous.

- Huguette B.

Five yellow stars in a row

Easy to learn, and GOrendezvous spent several hours helping answer questions, and demonstrating how to be successful with the program. I've been using GOrendezvous for 2 years now, and I'm very pleased with my experience. Easy prompts, hands off management software, and easy to reach customer service are the main reasons I gave this a 5/5 review.

- Meagan

Five yellow stars in a row

I’m very happy with the great technical expertise I was offered by the GOrendezvous staff. I am increasingly confident that GOrendezvous is the booking platform I need. Thank you

- John

  • Free & friendly onboarding
  • Excellent customer service
  • Data confidentiality
  • PHIPA & PIPEDA compliant