Save 15 minutes
per file opening

Receive completed intake forms online

A view of a athletic therapist's GOrendezvous schedule on different devices

Create recurring appointments

  • In your schedule, you can easily create a series of recurring appointments for a client.
GOrendezvous' recurring appointment settings window
A GIF of a canceled appointment being replaced automatically by GOrendezvous' waiting list

Automated waiting list

  • The smart waiting list allows your clients to add themselves by specifying their availability.
  • If a spot opens up in your schedule, GOrendezvous will take care of offering that appointment to one of your waitlisted clients.
  • As always, you can customize the waiting list according to your preferences.

Book an appointment online

  • It's easy to add an appointment button to your website, and your clients love the freedom.
The GOrendezvous booking button clients use to book appointments with professionals
The Physiotec logo

Integration with Wibbi

  • The Wibbi integration allows you to send your client's exercise program via email directly from GOrendezvous.

Billing & revenue reports

  • Generate an invoice that aggregates the total of multiple appointments.
  • Manipulate your revenue report easily to balance your transactions or find any accounting information.
GOrendezvous invoice for services rendered by a physiotherapist
The empty SOAP charting file of a physiotherapist using GOrendezvous on an ipad

Electronic charting

  • Send intake forms in advance and save up to 15 minutes per appointment.
  • Share a client’s file with your colleague.
  • Fill out your charts from anywhere, and avoid bringing your client files home from the office.

Practical display for clinics

  • Display the schedule of several professionals at the same time, of different rooms or the equipment used.
A view of a GOrendezvous schedule showing 4 professionals' daily schedules
GOrendezvous tags associated to a client


  • Identify clients quickly in your calendar: CNESST, mobility impairment, special needs, etc.

What Professionals Think of GOrendezvous

Five yellow stars in a row

The GOrendezvous team has been nothing short of fantastic. Philippe in particular has helped transition to online booking and made it feel much less overwhelming. The transition has been absolutely flawless and my clients are super impressed. Any questions or concerns I had were answered promptly and with a lot of details so that there wasn't too much back and forth. Highly, highly recommended!!!

- Antonia L. (Athletic Therapist)

Five yellow stars in a row

I was at first reluctant to go to an online scheduler, but now that I've been using GOrendezvous, I can't believe I didn't switch over sooner!! Easy to use, my clients love the fact that they can book appointments exactly when they think about it.

- Jayme L.

Five yellow stars in a row

Easy to learn, and GOrendezvous spent several hours helping answer questions, and demonstrating how to be successful with the program. I've been using GOrendezvous for 2 years now, and I'm very pleased with my experience. Easy prompts, hands off management software, and easy to reach customer service are the main reasons I gave this a 5/5 review.

- Meagan

  • Free & friendly onboarding
  • Excellent customer service
  • Data confidentiality
  • PHIPA & PIPEDA compliant