Medical Records

  • Take notes in seconds
  • Custom lexicons
  • Intake forms
  • Overview at a glance

Intake Form

The intake form is sent to your client before their appointment which allows them to complete it before they show up to the appointment. The completed form is then automatically added to your patient’s file keeping all of the information centralized.

Stop Typing and Start Tapping!

Tap on Words

Faster than a pen, our quick entry feature will help you save precious minutes. Click on words from your domain lexicon or use keyboard shortcuts to create your notes in seconds.

Add to the lexicon

Our platform includes prebuilt lexicon templates for many industries that you can personalize. You can also create your own very easily!

Draw on images

You can draw on an image and add images and X-rays. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!.

Secure Files

Your confidential files are safe with us! We encrypt, centralize and stock them in Canada for maximal security, so that you and your clients can rest at ease. You can also control the access rights fellow professionals have to your files to ensure all data is properly handled within your organization.


Whenever a modification is made on any client file or image, we keep a detailed record to see what, when and by whom the changes were made. With this advanced traceability, you will be able to view all modifications made over time and always keep your files up-to-date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the management of electronic medical records follow the standards?

Yes, we follow the standards and the best practices of the industry for information storage. All of the sensitive data provided is encrypted.

Are my clients’ names posted on my schedule online and visible to everyone?

No, not at all. Only your online availabilities will be posted online.

Can I use the electronic medical records without offering online booking?

Yes. If you are not ready to offer online booking, you can simply deactivate this option and still take advantage of the other features GOrendezvous has to offer.