Privacy Policy
Last Update: April 8, 2020
This Privacy Policy is part of the Terms of Use posted by GOrendezvous, located at 1176 Bishop Street, 75017 Montreal, Canada. Hereinafter called "Company".

The company has developed a SaaS software solution to manage and book appointments and reservations online for professionals from different industries (the "Professional") for their various services, appointments and reservations. The person in charge of the processing of the personal data of the Professional is the Company. The controller of the customer data is the Professional, the Company having, in the latter case, the quality of Service Provider.

The Company, concerned about the personal data of the Professional and its clients, undertakes to ensure the conformity of the processes in its role of controller and Service Provider respectively, under the Terms of Use, in accordance with the applicable provisions of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (the "RGPD") and the laws in force in Canada (C-28 and PHIPA in Ontario). To do this, the Company has put in place a strict Privacy Policy, in order to guarantee an optimal level of protection of the data collected by the Professional. If the Professional does not wish to see his personal data collected under the conditions defined below, he must refrain from using the Services offered by the Company, GOrendezvous.

This Privacy Policy is intended for Professionals using the services of GOrendezvous.
1.1. Account Creation Data
In order to benefit from the Services offered by the Company, the Professional must log in to the website by creating an account. When registering, the Professional is invited to communicate the following personal data in connection with the Professional:
Last name and first name
Name of the business of the Professional
Business address of the Professional
Business Phone Number
IP Address

At the end of the free trial period of thirty (30) days and in accordance with the provisions of the Terms of Use, access to the Services continues to allow choosing a plan (free or paid), unless the Professional requests the closure of his account by email at [email protected] The company agrees to close the account within 30 days of the official written request.

All answers are required, including at the time of account activation, in order to enable the strict performance of the Company's Services. Should the Professional refuse to fill in these mandatory fields, for any reason whatsoever, the execution of the Services will be impossible and he will not be able to benefit from it. When activating a GOrendezvous account, the Professional undertakes to communicate voluntarily to the Company all the personal data listed above .

The Professional is informed that the Company does not collect any sensitive data within the meaning of the legislation and regulations in force. The Professional agrees to communicate accurate, complete, and updated data on his identity and personal information. The Company assumes no responsibility for the communication of obsolete, illegal or contrary to public order information. In accordance with the provisions of the Terms of Use, the Professional agrees to immediately inform the Company in case of unauthorized or malicious use of its login to his account by a third party.

1.2. Cookies
The Company informs the Professional that it also uses cookies or similar technologies to track and collect the following data, in order to better its services: IP (Internet Protocol) address; Version of the browser of the terminal used; Website navigation data. The processing of the data collected via cookies as well as the management of cookies are for the purpose of delivering the service and improving the customer’s experience only.

1.3. Banking Data
The Professional is hereby duly informed that the Company uses a payment provider (the "Payment Provider") to process all transactions of the Services. GOrendezvous does not collect, process, store or house any personal data of a banking nature, which are collected, processed and hosted directly and solely by the Payment Provider on behalf of the Company. Therefore, the Professional is informed that the collection, processing and hosting of banking data is provided by STRIPE, located in San Francisco, in the United States of America; or PAYPAL, located in San Jose, in the United States of America, in some cases. However, the Company has ensured compliance of STRIPE and PAYPAL with the legal and regulatory requirements in force internationally.
The Company collects, processes and stores the data provided by the Professional as part of the procedure for creating an account and accessing the Services. Thus, the Company collects and processes the Professional's personal data only for the strict execution and use of the Services it offers, or in case of platform debugging. The Company will not collect any other personal data without the express and written consent of the Professional. The Company informs the Professional that all data is safely stored in Canada.
Acting in its capacity as data controller, and in accordance with the laws and regulations in force, the Company commits to:
-Only collect the data of the Professionals via the Services of the Company for the purposes described in Article 2;
-Keep a record of changes performed on the application;
-Put in place all the technical and organizational measures to ensure the safety of the actions carried out;
-Restrict access to the data of Professionals only to persons duly authorized for this purpose;
-Raise awareness and train internal staff on data processing regulations;
-Notify the authorities and all Professionals affected of any security breach posing a high risk to the rights and freedoms of Professionals within 72 hours of discovery of the breach;
If any information is incorrect, the Professional may ask to modify any errors pertaining to his company. Please note that any Google modifications may take a while to address since GOrendezvous does not control the indexing process. In case of deletion of an account, the Professional is duly informed that the deletion of his account results in a deletion of access to the Services. In addition, the Professional may at any time contact the Company if he considers that his rights are not respected.
If the Company was the victim of a fraudulent intrusion into its systems, theft, destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure, unauthorized access, or any other act of malicious intent, the Company commits to notify the affected Professional with (i) the nature of the intrusion, (ii) the likely consequences of the act of malicious intent, (iii) the proposed measures to remedy the act of malevolence, within seventy-two (72) hours. Malicious acts presenting a significant risk for the rights and freedoms of Professionals will be communicated to the authorities. The Professional is duly informed that he cannot incur the liability of the Company in the event of an attack on computer security that may cause damage to computer equipment, as well as in case of fraudulent intrusion or malicious acts of a third party in the system, the Professional Account, or the application.
All Customer Data remains the exclusive property of the Professional who is the GOrendezvous Account Owner. The Professional is responsible for processing Customer Data when using the Services. The Company will only have the quality of Service Provider. In its capacity as data controller, the Professional undertakes to collect only personal data needed to perform their professional activity, excluding data that harms individuals, their privacy, public order and morality, or in violation of rules relating to his activity and profession. Collection of Customer Data, such as the last name, first name, telephone numbers, email address, date of birth and other personal data the Professional may need to perform his duties, remains the sole responsibility of the Professional.

As the Controller, the Professional agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding personal data and, in particular, the provisions of the RGPD, in particular, it ensures to allow at any time its Customers exercise their rights of access, copy, rectification, opposition, portability, limitation and deletion of data concerning them. As such, the Professional guarantees the Company against any recourse, without prejudice to all damages and interests to which the Company could claim because of the non-respect of its commitments referred to above, taking into account the possibilities offered in this respect by the solution.

The Professional and the Company agree to implement the appropriate technical and organizational means to ensure the security of the Customer's personal data in a reasonable manner.

As a Service Provider and in accordance with the laws, the Company commits to take all necessary precautions to preserve the security of the personal data collected, including any means of preventing personal data to be distorted, damaged, or communicated to unauthorized third parties. As a Service Provider and in compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions in force, the Company and all its personnel undertake to respect the following obligations:
-To only process personal data on the instructions of the controller;
-To respect the confidentiality of the data collected;
-To make no copy of the collected data, notwithstanding those that remain necessary for the use of the Services offered by the Company and in particular to ensure the safeguarding of the Services;
-To not use the collected data for purposes other than those that determine the primary purpose of the treatment;
-To not disclose the data to an unauthorized third party;
-To adopt all necessary measures to avoid the misuse or fraudulent use of data collected via the Services;
-To take all security measures to ensure the preservation and integrity of the data collected and processed via the Services, and provide the data controller with all the information necessary to demonstrate compliance with his obligations;
-To provide all assistance to the controller in discharging his obligations;
-To provide all the assistance to the data controller to ensure the security of the processing, to notify the data breaches to the authorities and concerned parties, to communicate to the data subject the violation of his data, to carry out an impact assessment relating to data protection and prior consultations;

The Service Provider, in this case, GOrendezvous, may have access to the personal data of a Professional and of its clients to help a particular Professional with a specific platform issue, following his request or in case of debugging of the application only.
How long we retain your Personal Data depends on the type of data and the purpose for which we process the data. We will retain your Personal Information for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Notice unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.
A cookie is a small text file, subject to the choices of the Professional, on his computer when visiting a web page. Its purpose is to collect information relating to the navigation of the Professional and to send him services adapted to his terminal (computer, mobile or tablet). The Professional is therefore informed that the use of the Services involves the storage of "Cookies", or other tracers or similar technologies on the Professional's terminal. The Professional is informed that the Company deposits cookies and tracers on its terminal to allow (i) the Professional to identify himself, (ii) the Company to administer the account of the Professional, (iii) improve the content of the Site, or as the case may be (iv) for the purpose of measuring the audience of the Site by means of a calculation of statistics on the pages consulted by the Professional and to determine the most used Services.

The Professional is informed that cookies and tracers will be deposited on his terminal. The Professional may at any time configure his browser to receive a notification when a Cookie is sent or refuse cookies. However, some of the features of the Services may not work without cookies. In addition, if most browsers are set by default and accept the installation of all Cookies, the Professional has the option, should he want to, to choose to accept the deposit of all Cookies, other than Functional Cookies, or systematically reject them or choose those that it accepts according to their transmitters, and this by performing the following settings. The Company informs the Professional that it can at any time change its consent by changing these parameters.

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