• Payments & Receipts
  • Inventory & Product Sales
  • Terms of Cancellation
  • Square, Stripe & Quickbooks Integrations
  • eClaims
  • Tips
Phone displaying the payment window as seen by a client
A GOrendezvous invoice for services rendered by a massage therapist

Collecting Payments

Our online payments are powered by Stripe.

Complete revenue report

A revenue statement for a professional with revenue organized by service or product
A view of a professional's inventory on GOrendezvous


  • Bill your clients
  • Manage your products
  • Manage suppliers

Enforce Your Cancellation Policy

Collect a Deposit or Credit Card Number

Waiver & Cancellation Policy

Online Cancellations According to Your Preferences

Allow online cancellations according to your cancellation policies, otherwise, your clients will have to cancel by phone.

A phone displaying the payment information of a client booking an acupuncture treatment
A view of the GOrendezvous claiming window


  • Stop inputting information twice
  • Reduce your credit card fees. Calculate your savings
  • Bill insurers directly on behalf of your clients

Accept Tips

A GOrendezvous mobile page offering the client to add a tip to their previous appointment

Want to go a step further?

Depending on your needs, our integrations allow you to connect your GOrendezvous account with other accounting or credit card processing software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use Stripe for payments?

Yes. We use Stripe because it is a secure payment processing platform used by more than 100 000 businesses. They offer a simple and efficient checkout experience for your clients. You can create an account directly from GOrendezvous, the money you collect will automatically be transferred to your bank account and Stripe works well on all platforms and mobile devices.

Do I have to ask my clients for tips everytime they pay?

No. The tipping option is completely optional and if you don't turn it on, your clients won't be prompted to add a tip when they pay for the service, nor when they receive the invoice.